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One of the most common pieces of marketing material produced were shelftalkers.

These cards are displayed in package stores,on or near the wines they are advertising. The problem with most shelftalkers is that they have too much text in a print size that is too small. Space is often also wasted with an image of the wine bottle. I sought for Large clean and concise text and did away with the bottle image and instead went in the direction of using the label for inspirations

A typographic hierarchy was established that would be used throughout all material whether is was a one off product page, a monthly circular or a trade show booklet.

Wine lists were produced for many of Masciarelli's restaurant customers.

Each one had to fit with the overall image that the restaurant was trying to convey.

Some customers we interested in more traditional/conservative layouts. Others like the examples three above want lists that were as unique as their establishments

All trade shows had original graphic work done for their invitations and book covers.

This 24x36 poster sits framed behind the Bar at Novara in Milton. Custom designed solely for the restaurant.


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